Local Produce

Eating more seasonally and locally and reducing our meat consumption, can help to lower the impact of food on our environment.


As consumers the power is in our shopping baskets; we can all make a choice about what we buy and how to spend our money to help reduce the carbon arising from our food. 

Simple choices include: 

Eating more seasonally and locally and reducing our meat consumption, especially of red meats, and opting for organic foods where possible. 

These choices can help to lower the impact of food on our environment - not just carbon emissions, but energy and water consumption and its strain on natural ecosystems. 

GFO's Local Supplier Directory

We have compiled a new Local Supplier Directory which includes producers of fruit and veg, meat, dairy and eggs, store cupboard staples such as flour and conserves, pickles and honey. We hope this will help procurement and catering teams to source more of their ingredients from local and sustainable producers.

This directory is made up of GFO Network Members, alongside members of local directories who are championing local and sustainable food. These include Independent Oxford, Bitten Oxford, BigBarn and Low Carbon Oxford North. This is a growing directory and we are keen to hear from you about any businesses who should be added.

Local Supplier Directory

More handy resources for buying sustainable produce

Independent Oxford also have a directory of local retailers. As do Daily Info

Find your local ethical fruit and veg trader via Better Food Trader

Oxford Farmers’ and Community Markets: buy direct from local growers and producers.

SESI Food and Household Refills: food and household product refills.

There are a number of wholesale ethical food buying groups in Oxford and nationally. Order from coops such as Essential Trading, SUMA, Infinity Foods.

Hodmedods for UK-grown peas, beans and pulses.

Sustainable fish list from Marine Stewardship Council.

Want to find out more about the ethics of the brands you buy? Brand comparison from Ethical Consumer.

Or look out for products from B-Corp companies as they need to meet rigorous criteria in terms of sustainability.



Markets & Veg Box Schemes

We have some handy resources all about markets and local providers in Oxfordshire, as well as veg box schemes that deliver to your door.

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